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Tucson Desert Critters

If you drive around in desert areas, especially early or late in the day, you are going to see many desert critters.  Common varieties like coyotes, quail, rabbits, deer, lizards, rattlesnakes, javelina and ground squirrels can be seen virtually everyday. Other species like the mountain lions, bears, foxes and eagles are not often sighted.  But still, the bear on Mount Lemmon are seen occasionally, as are bobcats and gila monsters. Even the shy desert bighorn sheep are sometimes spotted near the upscale neighborhoods adjoining Coronado National Forest.

But, you don't have to rely on chance to see a fully array of Sonoran desert wildlife.  Tucson is home to the finest manmade habitat for desert wildlife in the world. The  Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum presents an unparalleled opportunity to see desert wildlife in natural settings, with an excellent chance to get a good photograph. DON'T MISS IT! Every representative animal is featured from prairie dogs to bears and from hummingbirds to eagles.  The rare Mexican wolf is a resident as well as a variety of exotic cats native to the Sonoran desert.


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