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Sunrise and City Views

North Campbell Avenue

Follow Campbell Avenue north to its end at the Cobblestone subdivision. There is a miserable National Forest access here, but that's not what you came for.  Instead just park in the public spots and make the most of the city view. Like the other Catalina Foothills locations here, there will not be a direct sunrise view in the warmer weather, but the light coming over the city is pretty and you didn't have to walk to see it.

North Alvernon Way

From Campbell Avenue, go east on Sunrise and then go north (left) on the Skyline Road turnoff. Follow that to Alvernon Way and go north (left) to the end. Basically the same view as North Campbell from the car, but here you have the option to hike up the Finger Rock Canyon Trail or the Pontatoc Ridge Trail a ways to get much better views.

North Swan Road

There is no public parking, but there are places to pull over with comfort.  Also, there is a good French Bakery in the shopping center at the southeast corner of Sunrise and Swan.  Really, about the only thing you can say about the views here are that they are easy to get to.  I?d suggest you make the commitment to do a little walking and try one of the other locations unless you are really limited for time.


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