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Sahuarita (pronounced saw-wah-ree-ta) is located in the Santa Cruz Valley, and was incorporated in 1914. The primitive Hohokam Tribe found this beautiful, peaceful, and fertile valley and settled here. Sahuarita is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. The town encompasses a 30 square mile area that includes pecan orchards, and numerous housing developments. To the south, the oldest Spanish settlement in the southwest, Tubac, is no and active artist colony.

Area: 20 square miles
Location: Santa Cruz Valley South of Tucson
Population: approx 14,000

Major Housing Developments

  • Rancho Sahuarita
  • Sahuarita Highlands
  • Entrata Bonita
  • Presidio del Cielo

Sahuarita Town Hall
725 W Via Rancho Sahuarita


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